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C2 Literature: All the World's a Stage: Approaching Shakespeare

Reading Group
S 406 0903
CHF 228.00
Andrea Bollinger, Dr.
max. 14
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Life is a kind of theatre, and theatre a mirror of life. More than 400 years after William Shakespeare's death, his works are enjoying enduring popularity, influence and relevance. His protagonists and their thoughts, passions and actions are for all people and all time. Why is his work still so popular? Is it the brilliant, rich language? The fascination by every variety of human character? – We shall explore these and other questions by reading and discussing parts of some of Shakespeare's plays. Texts (photocopies) will be distributed in class. If possible, texts with glossary and other reading tools will be supplied and vocabulary problems will be tackled.

(Sollte Ihr Kurs aufgrund erneuter erhöhter Infektionszahlen nicht vor Ort stattfinden können, wechselt dieser ins digitale Klassenzimmer und wird per Zoom weitergeführt.)

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