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C1/C2 The Real Lord of the Rings

Magic and Mythology
S 405 0908
CHF 238.00
Richard John Cooper, B.A.Hons.
max. 20

One of the most widely read books of all time: Lord of the Rings is not only fantasy, but built out of mythological and historical perception. Tolkien describes how when heated in the fire the "Ring of Power" reveals a fiery inscription: the purpose of these seminars will be to look into some of Tolkien's imaginations and inspirations – to read the secret script. We will analyse the book's relevance for our understanding of the modern world: how do we discover our own paths to self-knowledge? How do we find our own sources of destiny and inspiration? The following topics will be included: John Dee and Elisabethan Magic; Gawain and Arthurian Romance; Nordic Sagas; The Underworld – Demonology & Witchcraft; Psychoanalysis; World War 2; History of the British Isles.

Suitable for C1/C2 learners as well as for native speakers.

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