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C2 Literature: Anthony Trollope, „The Warden“

Reading Group
S 406 0902
CHF 283.00
Max J. Scherrer, B.A., M.A., M.A.
max. 20
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The tranquil atmosphere of the cathedral town of Barchester is shattered when a scandal breaks concerning the financial affairs of a Church-run almshouse for elderly men. In the ensuing furore, Septimus Harding, the almshouse’s well-meaning warden, finds himself pitted against his daughter’s suitor Dr John Bold, a zealous local reformer. It is assumed that participants are proficient in English and read a weekly instalment of the prescribed edition (Everyman’s Library, ISBN 978-1-85715-014-8) as preparation for the discussion and analysis in class. In our first session we shall discuss chapters 1–2 (pp. 1–19). A perusal of pp. v–xxxiii (Introduction/Chronology) would be helpful.

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